Believe in your purpose, your destiny will follow.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and peruse the pages of REfocused Wellness. For years as a child, teen and young adult I was an athlete. Moving on into adulthood, I remained active making sure I made time to keep by body in shape. As I progressed into motherhood, these goals became harder but even more important as I looked at the new role I had taken.

I started attending my undergrad as a psychology major, doing so likely because it sounded goo. I truly went to college just to play soccer, however quickly learned alternative ways to utilize my time. I found myself required to attend a nutrition class and though unintended, I fell in love. Despite the idea of needing an extra year of school to finish the program, I was instantly hooked. Passionate about my role practicing nutrition, I sought out nursing and later advance to a nursing instructor to be allow for the opportunity to further impact the lives of others.

You have the choice to let the events of your life define you or you can allow them to motive you.

Getting REfocused. August 2017 my life changed drastically. My family suffered the extremely sad loss of my step father, to Multiple Myeloma. I always felt so blessed to not only have one dad but to have two who loved and supported me dearly. I thank him daily and hope he is watching this journey as I know he is cheering us on. 

During this time I was faced to make some extremely difficult decisions and am beyond blessed and grateful to have had an amazing group of people there to support me through them. I learned a lot about myself and about life. I learned about the people and things that were the most important to me. I was challenged. As my step father was rushed to Boston to be cared for, my mother followed.

For the first time in his two-year fight, I could not be by his side during hospitalization, advocating for him, explaining things to him, just being there as someone who knew and understood the medical profession, to ease anxiety and fear, a time that was a probably the most important.

I was 6 weeks postpartum with an exclusively nursing infant – I was torn. My heart was broken. I struggled… deeply. I wanted more than anything to be there for my step father and most of all for my mom, who is also my best friend.

On August 12th, 2017, I drove from New Hampshire to Massachusetts General Hospital, my six-week old sleeping in the back seat. As I left my town the church bells rang as if to say, Carolyn, bring her home. I watched my mother walk out of the hospital alone. Prayer shawl in hand, strong and resilient, though I knew aching inside. It was at this moment, my life changed. I had the ability to make a choice. We walked across the Charles river bridge, a view embedded in my brain and I made a choice. To live by example. To rise against challenge and face this world with everything I had to give and show kindness to every person who came across my path. To use my knowledge, experience and my promise to do and be just what I had done for the two-year prior inadvocating for Tom,  for every other person who came across my path in need.

A photo worth 1000 words.

I started to take my children to church. My parents always believed in allowing me to choose my own faith/religion. I chose Christianity while relating stongly to Buddhism and its practices. Faith has brought closure, peace and a new life for myself — guiding me to cherish EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

When I returned back to church, our Christmas service set the foundation of how I would run Refocused Wellness, LLC. Small incremental details, changes, ideas that over time and with resilience, get you to where you need to be. We each held a candle. With our candle lit, we turned to light our neighbors.  It was beautiful to see the light spread through the darkened room an example of our kindness and our service to god. 

As I Refocused my priories in life, personal authenticity  high on my list toward personal happiness.  My list made it very clear where I wanted and needed to be. There has never been a day, that I have not been passionate, excited, fascinated, with the human body, health, fitness and nutrition. Nursing taught me how truly precious life is and just how quickly it can be taken from you. It also taught me just how much is within our control. It allowed me to experience the pleasure in seeing others improve, succeed and thrive. IMG_4011
Working through a passion to meet your needs is the goal. The approach from Refocused nutrition is to look at health, fitness, and nutrition as a complex package including mental, physical and social well-being — Funcational Health. I am here to meet you where you are at and work with you to get you to where you would like to be. Follow along and hopefully you to will become a better version of yourself. 



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  1. I.m sorry about your step father loss . 5 years and 4 months ago i also lost my step father due to liver cancer so i know how hard it was for you . keep writing here bcoz i can see you have a gift .the way you write,the way you chose ur words send emotions and, in other articles,they really inspire . Nice to meet you and i look forward to see/read more of ur articles Carolyn ! Alex

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