“Baaaack in the saddle again…”

It has been for almost two years, my baby, hard work, and passion has sat idle. I can assure you as the owner, I have not. As a matter of fact, life in the midst of a global pandemic has been everything but idle, calm and peaceful. Memories for which I will continue to share as the foundation and building blocks of this new journey.

Refocused Wellness. A name that, little did I know would be so perfectly fitting for the time when I was ready to really find the courage, desire and confidence to just LIVE.

Let’s talk about where we have been.

Life never quite ends up exactly where you think you’re going to be. One minute your going to work for a regular workday, the next minute you’re packing up your office with every item you can carry because of a global pandemic. Then why not, lets make life, just a little bit more complicated and make a phone call, while pacing canal street to completely upset the apple cart. Life certainly is weird, crazy, unpredictable and beautiful!

I wish it had been just that easy. As we all well know it wasn’t. Hurting others while saving yourself is never an easy feat, however on a late summer evening, what started out as a barbeque, beverages and conversation at Nana’s became and extended stay of pure and utter bliss!!! (Your meant to laugh here) Seriously though, I think it took YEARS to take the leap but man, getting a second chance has never feel good. Lets face it, some of us test the water before we dive in and some just take the plunge, I’m somewhere in between. Refreshing yes, but just like when you get out of the pool it can be a little chilly, and you need to grab a towel… yeah. Life has been kind of like that, hot and cold, feeling out the water and checking out the new scenery.

Two years after diving in, here I sit typing this blog post, leaning into all the things that make me whole! I write this from my own home… MY. OWN. HOME., with my children playing peacefully on a gorgeous Saturday morning. I hear the requests for “Mom, mom, mom” and yet there is something incredibly peaceful about it. Life is now. Don’t get me wrong, emphasizing my home is not in ANY way to rub it in. It is actually for me to lean into my accomplishments instead of pushing them under that table as “normal” or being afraid to shine. More about that later.

With that, it seems like the very best time to resurrect the life I found in Refocused Wellness. I am so excited be back in the game. My life lense is vastly different and my view of overall wellness comes from a VERY different standpoint. While nutrition, fitness, and physical health will ALWAYS be my passion; it is so very important to me to focus on mental health and wellbeing. A true struggle for many. I want to move away from the mainstream of perfection and highlight the beauty of being totally and utterly imperfect. For the first time in my ENTIRE life, I work out because I LIKE it. I know weird. I don’t workout for the scale, my clothes, to be thin or any external factors, I truly, wholeheartedly work out for ME! It only took 39.78695293528 Years to get here.

Over the next coming weeks, months and hopefully years, I plan to share the choices of marriage, having children, societal norms (freekn social media), following expectations, going against the grain, the challenges an pitfall of divorce, starting over as a single mom, dating, finding the balance of life, dinner and embracing the suck of making it, eating healthy when you couldn’t give two hoots and finding the joy in being active. Yes, I will swear, I will speak my mind, and I may even offend some people. Oops, I’m sorry… not really. I will literally be sharing what is on my mind, and hope it finds some sort of comedy, peace, comfort or resonance with where you find yourself. I hope to not only share the best moments of life but also the pitfall, the HARD stuff, the embarrassing stuff and the not so graceful. Embedded in all of this is my return to physical fitness, nutrition, sports, running and all things active. Overall, this is my story of my return to life as a woman who has a dream to simply fulfill MY SOUL. To push a little harder, live in the moment, love those closest to me deeply, passionately and honestly. The last two years have been about building my network of the best crazy, fun-loving souls and finding every bit of gratitude in the gifts we have been given.

If you have made it this far, thank you! I am so grateful for this moment to sit and find gratitude in the knowing. Knowing where I am, where I want to be and where I am heading. I hope you find some peace and comfort in following along.

This journey is my mountain. Hard to climb, with obstacles, rocks, roots and detours. There are moments when I was halfway up and truly believed that I may not get there. As an athlete, I wasn’t about to turn and go back down. You know about the burn. Athletes know that sometimes it’s that one more dig deep to rally your mind and your body to be on the same page. They have had a taste and know the beauty of winning and they want more. That summit is yours. There are smaller mountain ahead, you see them but they don’t intimate you. When you’ve reached your summit it’s a beautiful thing to look back at all the shit you overcame and how when you didn’t think you had it in you, you took the reins, looked life in the eye and Refocused. WELCOME BACK!!

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