New Year = New Victories

This years going to be different ~ its going too be freak’n awesome.

Ok let’s face it and be honest. Every New Year’s resolution has had a common factor and you know what, that scale is evil! I mean honestly, what does it tell you?

A number, and that number means (insert questioning, screw you face here)?

That number you just read tells you nothing about your body size, your body structure, your muscular composition, or anything else for that matter. Ask yourself, truly ask yourself, do you really need to stand on a scale to know you fell of the wagon this holiday season? Or you have complied with choosing to eat healthier? Doubtful!

Fun fact: A normal heart rate is 60-100 BPM.

I often find myself telling my nursing students… “Yes, but what does the patient look like?” Their heart rate is 120, they are sweating profusely, and look frightened. Oh, you just saw a bear… This sounds about accurate?! See just a number.

Hell yeah, I know what it feels like when you have worked so hard and are sticking to an eating plan. It feels great to see that number change and it encourages you to keep going! I am so there with you, but I just can’t help and think, as we head into a New Year with new goals, why is it that so many people, like myself, look at the scale and let who they are and who they will become be defined by…. a number?!

No matter how you put it the scale sits there, in your bathroom, staring at you as you enter into the New Year. Goal in hand, ready to concur the world. You take your robe off, just before you step into the shower, let out a sigh and secretly hope the number you see doesn’t put you an a tail spin for the rest of the day.

You then get in the shower, deflated, looking at your body and wondering… if only? I mean if only what?? If only you were 5 pounds lighter?

Yes, I get it. You see, I sit here typing this from a place of solitude. Of real life experience as someone who has STRUGGLED with WEIGHT my ENTIRE life.

As I write this, I sit in my 140# body, knowing that 27 months ago I was a strong 133# and fit as could be. I used to step on the scale at least every other day. Today our scale, is covered dust, sitting under our vanity, unused.

After some come to Jesus motivation, self talk, soul searching and much ambitions, it was time for me to look at my body as a product of love, strength and capability. It wasn’t easy. It took dedication. It took support of others. It took me looking into my child’s faces and asking, “who is the mom I want them to see?”

Let me ask you, what happens after you have met this goal? What happens after you get to the magic NUMBER that you were looking for? Then what …yes see, I’m not so sure about that.

When I first start working with clients, the very first thing I ask them to do and create a vision board. It can be as detailed or absent of details as you would like, but you need to have a vision. What does your goal look like? Now this is not for comparison purposes. This is for your own personal view of what “healthy” or “fit” looks like for you. Do this now. Close your eyes, envision, what is the BEST version, the healthiest version of yourself. Now write it down.

Once your vision board has been created we review.

  • What do the items on it represent?
  • What is your emotional attachment to those visions?
  • Is it more confidence?
  • Is it to be a better role model to your family, your friends?
  • Do you want to feel more comfortable in your own skin?
  • Are you able to build different or better and healthier relationships?

The goals are endless, private and your own.

Now, We create a plan. We start where you are at.

The idea of a goal, a health and wellness related goal, is about creating a lifestyle that is attainable and individualized to work for YOU! This mean there is . NO . perfect. We take small steps. Sometimes we take REALLY small steps. Sometimes we even take steps backwards in order to learn to go forward again.

The cumulative impact of a multitude of small steps has the greatest outcome. Think savings account.

As you enter into the New Year, weight loss expectations in hand, consider your non-scale victories. What is it that you are trying to achieve? How do you fulfill that? How do you get there? Are there little baby steps you can take?

Start with a one day victory. You achieved it. Great! Can you do it again? Yes Awesome! What about for the next 5 days? You did! That’s amazing! Keep going!!

If you find you are in need support or just need some added accountability, check out our services on our nutrition and fitness pages. Better yet, join our LEAN and CLEAN wellness group for individualized support and accountability to make that changes that will last a lifetime!

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