Drink Away the Cravings

HYDRATION: With the holidays fast approaching it is only appropriate to focus on something that not only can distract you but also has the ability to give you more energy, beautiful skin and fight infection. .

Consider, your body is made up of 65% water – this is simply amazing. You’re skin, your blood, your eyes, your gut EVERYTHING functions with the presence of water.

I want you to consider what a raisin looks like. Now, a grape. These items are the exact same food source however their hydration status is significantly different, this exemplifies the cells of your body.  The grape is fully hydrated, bountiful, sweet and juicy. The raisin while still sweet, is sticky, ugly and not very appealing in comparison. While this comparison might seem somewhat extreme, it its the truth in its entirety, in a simplified version.

Water plays a vital role, in digestion, aiding in the absorption of nutrition in the stomach, flushing out all the extra additives, preservatives and gunk that we ingest on a daily basis preventing sludge from building up. Have bloat? Drink a glass of water; Sounds backwards but yes, it will in fact help. Fatigue can often be a result of dehydration and the build up of toxins that are not being filtered by your kidneys and being cycled back into your blood supply (your pipes I like to call them).

Those of you who want to lose weight, HERE YOU GO! Proper hydrations is one of the very first steps in improving your metabolism and getting your body in the right direction. While it always feels nice to lose that first five pounds on a “traditional” and “fad” diet, most of that weight is water and it comes right back as soon as you get your body back into a state of hydration.

Looking to improve your fitness performance, drink water. Athletes with even the slightest bit of dehydration will experience a decrease in their overall performance. 

As we move into the cooler months, hydration is just as important, if not more important then during the blazing heat of summer. During the cool months, you are not triggered to consume as much fluid as you are during the warmer months of the year. During these cooler months you likely workout indoors where you lose fluid through sweating just as you do any other time during the year. You breathe dry air. While this might seem minor, breathing dry air can dry out the nasal passages allowing bacteria and virus to collect, allowing for microscopic cracks in the skin surface and likely leaving you exposed to illness. 

Goals to aim for:

Check your urine. Yes your read this right. Your urine is the primal indicator of hydration and just how well your kidneys are functioning. Use the chart below… Falling out of a healthy range… Drink Up! 

Try these ideas to monitor your schedule, make infused water and more: 

I am always weirdly proud when I pee clear, like H#!! yeah, I’m so freak’n hydrated — Unknown 

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