Mom, Your body is Magic.

woman holding baby while sitting on fur bean bagYes mom, I know your not feeling like there is anything magical about that mom bod of yours. I don’t care how fit you are, in shape, how much you run or how great you eat, lets face it, once that body of yours has grown, prepared and delivered something the size of the average watermelon, there are things that just can’t possibly be put back in place.

And maybe you really are one of the few that don’t have the glorious stretch marks and don’t pee with you cough and sneeze. Just show us some empathy when we cross our legs. Oh yeah, it amazing. Lucky you. However, for those of you like me, I have my “love marks” as we call them in our house and quite honestly I am damn proud of those marks. We have two AMAZING cherubs that blessed me with the everyday memories of just how amazing this life is, and how truly blessed I am, to have a body that has the ability to create life.

But friend while your body is truly amazing, beautiful and special because of all this jazz, your body is a machine that is far more awesome then what is imaginable.

person looking searching clean

Let’s think for a moment. Now that you have these amazing little beings, you rush around day in and day out trying to meet their needs. You are up at the crack of dawn because, lets face it, someone needs to go to the bathroom, another needs a drink, and one didn’t have a nap the day before. Because of this dreaded action,  this said cherub went to bed early and decided it was party time shortly after you finally close your eyes. Your exhausted, but it doesn’t matter. You are going to fulfill this role and you are going to do your damn BEST regardless because, well that is just. WHO. YOU. ARE.

You go girl. You are a force to be reckoned with. A model for all moms. You are amazing and you truly should be proud of yourself for being so incredibly giving, caring, loving and  just an overall amazing mom! Don’t look around. Yes mom. I am talking about you. YOU ARE AWESOME!

beverage caffeine cappuccino coffee
Now grab you coffee and continue reading.

Do you every go through the day, as a habit, doing all the things on your “list” only to think to yourself, “ I am exhausted”? And when the kids come home from school with a runny nose or an upset stomach, do you cringe because you know for sure it is going around the house and you will be sick FOREVER?? Girl, I get you. Been there. TO MANY TIMES.

Maddison, age 5. 

But one day – I chose to put the pieces together. Or I like to say the light FINALLY went off. What was I doing. TO. MYSELF? See, the body is simply AMAZING! It is the most amazingly magnificent well oiled machine. Ok, well oiled might be stretching it at this point, but seriously! Have you ever thought about how is it that you are able to push through the day, no matter how tired, frustrated, exhausted you are and somehow you make it all work. You amazingly get your kids to where they need to go, celebrate parties, suffer through teachers conferences, PTA, soccer games, dance recitals and you wear your best asset, a smile. You remember everything and when you do forget you laugh and joke about how your head is still attached and everyone is alive…


Seriously. No really. Please, don’t hate me. You truly are amazing, BUT your body is NOT made to be going in one hundred different directions. To put it bluntly your body really is like a well oiled machine and well if you keep the oil changed, rotate the tires, put gas in it, clean it from time to time, it will last just long enough to pass it down to your first born.

But lets say you don’t change the oil. You look at the little sticker in the upper left hand window and you chuckle inside. You chuckle because you think to yourself, I’m 2000 miles over and there is no way in he!! I’m getting to the dealership this week. So, you wait. You wait just long enough to be headed to soccer practice and feel you car sputtering. You are able keep going just enough to get off the next exit and pull into the abutting gas station. The attendant offers to look under the hood, only to explain that the the engine is seized because you didn’t have enough oil. I get it, YOU WOULD NEVER DO THIS.

Then why my friend, why are YOU running on empty?

selective focus photography of fuel station

You see, your body is NO DIFFERENT then the car you drive. That you depend on, day in and day out, to get you, your family, your friends, and your pets, to every single place you want and need to go. Yet, every day you go to bed late and get up early. You skip breakfast because you don’t have time and grab a coffee and a bagel at the local cafe. Lunch consists of a salad from the salad bar because you are trying to watch your weight and dinner… who eats dinner? It occasionally consists bowl of cereal or if your lucky some left over pizza or Mac and cheese. Exercise is not a MUST, it is an IF. The list goes on. Friend you are playing second fiddle to YOURSELF!

Ok, so maybe this is a little drastic but come on, you are not alone WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE or are still there. Balance is HARD. But friend you body is AMAZING. Ever little part of it from you hair and your eyes to the amazing curve of your legs but your making yourself sick!

Every day that you are running round “helping” everyone else you are hurting yourself. Your well oiled machine is out of gas, or lets just say you are using the lowest grade of fuel possible. You are putting your body in a state of alert, at all times ready to take on the world. What you don’t see is in your body, you are actually only one cough, one sneeze from being sick. You are one hour short of falling asleep behind the wheel. You are one step shy of a marathon.




What would you say if you had a way out? A way to have more energy to get through the day? At the end of the day you didn’t mind the scheduled teachers conference or sitting for an hour at dance class? Soccer games didn’t seem daunting and you wardrobe is one to be desired? What if?

Friend, its time to take back control of your car.

You deserve the front parking spot at the theater, after all this is YOUR show. Give your body the tools it needs. Wake up early and MAKE TIME FOR YOU. Ask for help. Heck make your cherubs help. I’m here to tell you, YOU are worth it and you will be a BETTER mom, friend and person because if it. YOU will FEEL better. You will have more confidence, more energy, and most importantly you will enjoy the moments you have to share.

Friend you are SO worth it. Need a tribe? Thats what we are here for.




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