ENERGY….. How can I get more?! 

Easy #1: HYDRATE! Put the coffee down (Don’t hate– momma needs her coffee to) but on a serious note — its not helping you. What color is your urine? #drinkup
Easy #2: GET RID OF SUGAR! Sure an ice cream on a hot day sounds fantastic, but its psyching out your body. Sugars has your body doing the happy dance for all of an hour and then it crashes leaving you craving more.
Easy #3: EAT VARIETY. Are you TRULY what you need? Your busy! You eat on the run. Eat? what is that? When our diets lack our bodies #suffer. How does it tell us it needs more or needs cleaning? #Fatigue.
Easy #4: “Fill in the gaps where your diet lacks”. As we age our bodies do not absorb as well as they used to. #bloat. Furthermore, our foods sources are often traveling long distances, ripening in route. What does this mean for you.
It isn’t your grammas kitchen–Farm to table. Our foods today often provide less nutrients then foods of yesteryear — leaving the American diet, nutrient depleted… and your body craving for you to meet its needs.

Have you tried all and your Energy still Zapped?


As with ALL dietary modifications, supplementation or fitness 
programs, always consult you healthcare provider for safety and interactions with currently health practices and/or treatments. The information provided in this article is strictly those expressed by the 

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