Vinyasa Yoga… A must try.

savasana-hand2-1024x682As someone who thoroughly loves to work out, I am always looking of new things. There is just something about being active for one solid chunk of the day. Whether it is simply a brisk walk with a friend, a run on the rail trail, or a quick work out video, the state it leaves me in after is almost euphoric.

Now don’t get me wrong. I wish I was in far better shape then I am, BUT I will get there. Runs are not nearly as fast as they used to be. My hips still hurt from child birth. And my butt jiggles with the best of them (haha) However, just as I tell my clients, have patience. As a mother of two littles, one 13 months, the other 5 years, I take advantage of the little moments that I can steal away. #consistancywillgetyouthere

Late last night however, I decided it was time to take some special time out for mom. Two years ago a wonderful friend introduced me to Power Vinyasa Yoga at a Baptiste Affiliate studio. I immediately fell-in-LOVE. I started going almost every day and had never been so strong and flexibly in my entire life. This practice is so wonderful in its’ ability to manage joint and muscles pain. Such a blessing! Unfortunately, when I got pregnant with my son, the heated studio was frowned upon by my OB, so I was forced to take a break. A break that extended far longer then I would have liked.


This morning however, after dropping off the kids, it was almost as if my car drove itself there. In the last 13 month I have never felt sooo fantastic. Seventy-five minute of pure bliss. I must say, I was far out of the loop, behind on poses, needing to take a break into Childs Pose but just being there to practice was unbelievable. My mind was silent…for once. Those of you with children, surely can relate… My world is rarely silent.

Now, if you are afraid of sweat, I strongly recommend you bring a change of clothes (or splurge on the awesome clothes they carry) and embrace the suck. You can find solace that EVERYONE around you is sweating just as much as you are. My body and my clothes were drenched — a true sign of all the work, energy and toxins, my body was working through and releasing… yours can too.

Now for those beginners out there, everyone is welcome and has to start somewhere, so don’t get bogged down in the name Power yoga. It simply means you are constantly in motions, or “flow” unlike traditional yoga with slower movements and transitions.


Seriously though, the single best part of this work out, is what it does for your mind. Throughout the 75 minute workout, you are so focused on your body. The dynamics of it. How your joints are moving. If you need help, the teacher guides you to make sure you are  safe and effective, while you focus on your breathing finding balance. Before you know it you are there. The blissfully end.

Savasana. You laying down. Flat on your back. Hands at your side facing up. All your bottled up energy, stress, suppressed feelings come to the in waves and release from you body.

Basking in the absolute peace of the moment.

Haven’t tried it, search for a studio close to you. You deserve it.





3 responses to “Vinyasa Yoga… A must try.”

  1. always wanted to try yoga but when you are 6’5 and 291lbs and not much mobility seemed hard but i wil try it .reading ur posts i learn really valuable informations . thank you !

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    1. Alex you are most welcome! Glad they are helpful!!

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