It is hard to say at what point in my life I recognized the importance of living a “clean” lifestyle. Implementing these beliefs, takes time, is focused on balance, coined by the phrase: “Progress Not Perfection

fullsizeoutput_3d48Clean eating, clean products, and environmentally conscious companies and consumers are hot topics today, but the question remains…

Is the price tag associated with these items really worth it and what is the return on your investment?

Everything being a matter of choice, it is important to understand what it is you are making a choice about. I like to compare it to the car you drive. It truly doesn’t matter if your choice in vehicles is a brand new car you just drove off the lot, or an antique you refurbished and are afraid to take out of your garage — its hard to disagree that both need clean fuel. No water, no dirt, just good clean fuel. When we talk about our food source, our environment and our lifestyles – the concept is relatively the same.

What do additives, dyes, preservatives and chemicals do to our bodies?

Everybody responds different to the presence of these substances. Some individuals do not react at all to them or, are in aware that they do, while others might have a severe allergy. For many of us however, our bodies recognize these substances as “foreign”– things that shouldn’t be there. We often don’t know how GOOD our bodies were truly meant to feel.

What does the body do in response to the substance?

It fights it off. This is different for everyone. The “fight it off” phase is the body sending signals to get rid of the substance, resulting in different phases of inflammation and excretion. This can be in the presence of a rash, a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, an upset stomach, fatigue and even presenting as behavior issues and mental clarity and/or depression.

Ready to feel better? 

Choose to start one step at a time. What is of the most importance to you? Make small changes.

Clean eating. Start by simply making conscious choices about what you are currently eating. Be aware of the preservatives, additives, and artificial ingredients. Try planning a trip to your local farmers market or co-op. Doing this not only guides you in making healthier choices but you are supporting you local community. I like to call this, from farm to table. Do you find yourself frequently on the run? Many convenience store and restaurants are becoming more consumer friendly and offering a variety of healthy food choices.

A Clean home. Afraid to go all in? Try eliminating one chemical at a time. So not to waste money, when the bottle of your current cleaner is gone, replace it with its non-toxic, environmentally friendly counterpart. Need suggestions? I would be happy to share what we use in our home!

A clean mind. Planning ahead. Time management. Scheduling. When you have a clean/organized environment, you have a clean mind. Clutter creates chaos and stress. Less truly is more!

Change you statement of “I don’t have time” to “It’s not important”. 

This simple alteration puts priorities in perspective. #Happyliving

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