The Journey Begins

Today is hopeful the first day of many! Refocused fitness + Nutrition, Llc (we are in the final stages!! Yippie) has been a work in progress for many years. In fact, it might have even been since childhood that this has been brewing and has finally come to manifest. 

As a young child I grew up with almost all boys. When I was very young, it was my simple goal to be NOTHING like them. I soon realized I could not get away from them… so I became one of them. I tagged along with them, acted like them and loved all the things boys did (Minus when they put me in the goal and took slap shots at me, dad wasn’t to fond of that– secretly neither was I). I never was the pretty dresses kinda girl, and still am not to this day… 

I adored animals, lived outside and could be found in my mothers vegetable garden if I needed a snack. Life was easy. We were free range kids and I loved every part of it!

As a teen not much changed. Living and breathing on the soccer field year round. When I wasn’t training I was playing softball, skiing or hiking. I LOVED a good quiet run, just me and my Mags. Really I did anything to keep myself active. Sitting still was truly not an option for me. I think it truly was my goal to go to as little school as I needed to but still get good grades (sorry mom and dad) but it’s the truth. 

“ Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones this spirit, just as exercise conditions the body” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Somehow I mustered enough schooling to get me through. For this I am thankful because nursing is where I found my PASSION. It is here, I found my confidence- It put it all together for me. My absolute LOVE for people. They say when you are a nurse it is engraved in you, the caring and compassion, the drive to do more. It’s no surprise to me that many nurses are “Type A” personality, (I truly am not one of them… hahaha). 

It was however through nursing, working with critically ill patients that I saw the true value and the vulnerability of life. Supporting patients at their weakest moments, praying for just another chance at life. Chronic disease was the foundation of almost all my patients illnesses, firmly rooted in lifestyle choices and preventable complications. 

I began to ask myself, what are we doing? As nurses we have SO LITTLE time to truly spend with our patients. No where near enough time to provide the extensive amount of education our patients need in order to help themselves or to help the loved ones they are or will be caring for. It is heart breaking to see your patients readmitted because our little bites of information just didn’t cut it. So we try and try again…

Prevention. This was where it was at. You see, Chronic disease as outlined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is “diseases and conditions—such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis—are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems.” ( 2018) 


So… curves in the road, they push me, challenge me, and guide me to sit here before you, spilling my heart out in hopes to encourage you to also pursue your dreams, provide you the guidance you might need to reach your goals and share all that I have learned over the 10-14 years of being a nurse, educator, nutritionist, fitness advocate, patient advocate, mom, wife, daughter and friend. 

And.. YES, I AM GUILTY as charged! I am the first one to admit that I do not always follow what is recommended, I eat to much of a good thing, occasionally indulge in to much (of a good thing… wink, wink) and am not nearly were I personally would like to be with regard to physical fitness, however I WILL get there and lets face it, it’s about BALANCE. 

When it boils down to it, what is it that is most important for you?

For me, its time. I would give ANYTHING, in my power to spend just one more day, moment, millisecond with my family, especially my children. They are truly my world. However, not only do I want to try to lengthen my life with them but I want to make it the BEST life possible. I want to be happy, clear headed, balanced, and healthy and all of this can simply be routed into lifestyle choices. 

Did you know that sleep, diet and exercise are the three pillars to long term health, yet they are amongst the most under prescribed physician recommendations… #foodforthough.. pun intended.

So as I sit here and type this into the wee hours of the evening in our upstairs hallways as not to wake anyone, I laugh because we grab the moments as we get them. 

I recently had to bring my mother to urgent care for back pain. The physician that was working with her, starting talking about exercise, balance, yoga etc. He proceeded to state that he used to do yoga, BUT… he ran out of time. I kindly spoke up and jokingly stated… “I’m thinking you didn’t run out of time, it just wasn’t a priority”. He laughed and states to my mother “I like her, she’s right”. I have to remind myself of this often. With two kids, an old home, a full time job with a crazy commute, I often say to myself, I to “don’t have the time”, then I remember to rephrase my statement, “I’m not important enough” Surely you can imagine, my workout is completed shortly there after, A.) because I’m super stubborn, and B.) because moms mental sanity is far more important then an extra 15 minutes of sleep. 

And you know — yours is to. No matter what your goals are, whether its to have more energy, to have mental clarity, to truly FEEL better about yourself, to fit in an old pair of jeans. Maybe its to prevent your hips and/or knees from aching, or to better control your blood pressure there are answers and it simply is one step, one small change at a time… #peacebewithyou 


“It’s not what we do once and a while that shapes our lives, it’s what we do consistently” – Tony Robbins


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